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7 Travel Destinations That Are Easy on the Knees

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Chronic knee pain hurts the soul. Like a caged canary, you’re not free to explore the world with your family and friends. The fear of falling can be too much for a walk through the neighborhood or a park visit with the grandkids.

But the inflamed arthritis in your knee doesn’t have to completely take away your freedom. Visit the right locations, where you can rest your knee in intervals, to once again enjoy travel with your loved ones.

1. Denali National Park

Visitors must board buses that drive through the park making stops along the way. Every stop is beautiful, then it’s back on the bus for a knee rest. You’ll see bears, caribou, sheep and marmots as drivers are eager to stop for wildlife sightings.

2. Honolulu

Most of the Hawaiian islands require mobility with bountiful hiking, surfing and snorkeling. But you can take your family to Honolulu where resorts are right on Waikiki Beach. The Department of Parks and Recreation provides beach-ready wheelchairs and access mats.

3. Walt Disney World Orlando

Employees are ready to help with mobility needs, and the parks are designed to be as accessible as possible. There are park benches and seating available every few minutes as you walk around the parks. You can even skip the lines with Fast Pass or schedule a time to be at an attraction to avoid unwanted standing.

4. Winery Tours

Napa, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and the Virginia hills are great places for wine tours. Hop aboard an accessible van, drive to different wineries while your knee rests, and then enjoy a glass with beautiful scenery. It’s a low-impact way to reconnect with your partner.

5. Desert Hot Springs, California

You’ll find a town called Desert Hot Springs right next to Palm Springs. It’s famous for its comfortable resorts and mineral hot spring baths that are good for the joints.

6. Las Vegas

Vegas is full of elevators, escalators and scooters. The casino resorts pamper with all sorts of spa treatments that are great on the joints. And the city’s plentiful entertainment options require no mobility whatsoever. You’ll enjoy the entire trip with your friends and family.

7. Cruises

It’s a floating party where you’re always just a few steps from your accessible room. Cruise liners accommodate mobility-restricted passengers with different low-impact excursions at every port of call. Set sail for the glacier-covered coast of Alaska or the white sand beaches of the Bahamas.

The Natural Solution to Chronic Knee Pain

The mounting quantity of positive scientific evidence specifically concerning the knee joint is overwhelming, but now there is a non-invasive regenerative procedure that helps your body heal itself.

This natural solution takes only minutes to administer, and the benefits can be felt in as little as 24 hours. It goes above and beyond medication to actually heal your knee instead of merely masking the pain. Click here for a free online web class to learn more about this naturally regenerative solution.

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