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Case Stories

Carol Cahill

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient Knee Surgery Carol couldn’t walk up the stairs without being in pain. In this patient case story, we hear about Carol’s knee recovery from stem cell therapy. She tried creams and ointments but nothing worked. Carol’s knee recovery from...

Matthew Brooks

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient in Spinal Injury Spinal injuries can disrupt your whole life if not treated quickly. In this patient case story, we hear Matthew’s story about his spinal injury cured with stem cell therapy. After stem cell therapy with Dr. Brunk...

Marc Montagnino

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Chronic Pain “You can’t enjoy life because you’re in constant pain” Marc is a professional drummer whose shoulder muscles started severely hurting him when he played. He loved drumming so much he would fight through...

Linda Grinde

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s from Broken Ribs/Asthma Attacks Linda was a business owner and a school bus driver. She fell 15 ft and broke 9 ribs in half which magnified smells for her. She also started having asthma attacks which were unbearable because of...

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