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Case Stories

Charlotte Newport

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Knee Pain Charlotte was suffering from bone on bone in both knees. She drove a sports car and couldn’t use the clutch because of her pain. Unfortunately, her condition worsened where she was barely able to walk. She decided...

Crystal Reeves

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Chronic Pain Crystal Reeves was an athlete while in school until she experienced medical complications. She had two severe ankle injuries, bulging discs in her lower back, and arthritis. When her specialist recommended...

Suzanne Behla

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Knee Injury Stem cell patient, Suzanne was an avid skier, runner, and hiker before she had a meniscus tear in her knee. Unfortunately, Suzanne was looking at a knee replacement because her quality of life kept decreasing. She...

Reid Nelson

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Back Pain Reid’s life was always compromised because of his back pain. When he retired, his back started getting worse where he couldn’t drive without experiencing severe pain. He tried wearing a back brace, but nothing seemed...


How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Knee Pain John was experiencing pain in his right knee. He researched numerous therapies, but needed a treatment that was could cure his pain for a lifetime. He wanted his pain gone for good. He was debating a cortisone shot,...


How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Back Pain “I’m feeling 100% better and I would highly recommend it to anybody because it does work.” Frank needed a solution for his back pain. He had tried rehab, two operations, and was diagnosed a...

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