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Multiple Patients

How Stem Cells Eased Multiple Patient’s Knee Injuries Trying to live an active life with knee pain can be unbearable and even impossible. When your knees aren’t as strong as they used to be, the simplest tasks can become life-altering. We have multiple patients...

Allison Baird

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Knee & Back Pain Allison Baird needed a boost to get back to herself. She wanted to lose weight and regain her health, but the pain was getting in the way. She says when she felt pain, she was unable to be active. Allison...

Carl Mitchell

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Back Pain Carl Mitchell was ready to give up after leading a life filled with pain. Stem cell treatment has shown him just how incredible life can be. He says the best way to describe his experience with stem cells is to just...

Dan Lahut

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient With Injury Pain. Dan suffered from pain after sports-related injuries. He lost mobility in his neck and shoulder, and he was tired of living his life with this kind of pain. He thought his only option for relief was surgery until he...

Ed Danner

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient Avoid Surgery When Ed Danner started hearing a clicking sound, he knew it was because of an injury he received ten years earlier during his freshman year of college. A specialist informed him that because he had bone on bone in his...

Crystal Reeves

How Stem Cells Eased One Patient’s Chronic Pain Crystal Reeves was an athlete while in school until she experienced medical complications. She had two severe ankle injuries, bulging discs in her lower back, and arthritis. Her job as a bartender required her to...

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