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Stem Cells Heal Sports Injuries Naturally

One of the most common reasons people seek regenerative treatment is because of a sports injury. Even if you’ve been told your only option for treatment is surgery, stem cells still might be the right option for healing. Unlike harsh treatments and medications, stem cells heal your body naturally using unspecialized cells.

In recent years, there has been a boom is research around stem cells as a treatment for sports related injuries. Stem cells have proven to heal parts of the body harmed often in sports-related injuries like cartilage, muscle, tendons, and nerves.

The science behind regenerative treatment might sound intimidating, but it’s quite simple. The type of stem cells that have shown to help sports injuries are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These are found in umbilical cord tissue, and MSCs are shown to heal the body by preventing inflammation and aiding in tissue repair. MSCs are also able to divide into advanced cells like bone cells, fat cells, cartilage cells, and more.

Stem cell therapy is quick and risk-free. The procedure is as simple as a single injection to the affected area. After treatment, most patients report a positive difference in four to six weeks.

If you’re suffering from a sports-related injury, you have options. If you’re experiencing pain from a torn ligament, damaged muscle, bone on bone, or nerve problem, stem cell therapy might be an option for you. Health care providers are recognizing the power of stem cells in treating sports injuries naturally.

Dr. Scot Gray is the leading stem cell expert behind Marion Integrated Health Center in Marion, Ohio. He’s spoken on popular news networks and around the country about his powerful pain relief treatments. Click here to learn more about Dr. Gray and his stem cell practice.

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