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How Are Stem Cells Regulated?

Because stem cells have only recently gained public attention, there is naturally a lot of confusion about their regulation. Stem cell treatments are safe and risk-free, and the process of harvesting and regulating stem cells is similarly safe and risk-free.

Most pain-relief stem cell treatments include umbilical cord stem cells. These stem cells are harvested from umbilical cords after birth with parental permission. The harvesting of these cells causes no pain to the mother or baby, and this tissue would have otherwise been biological waste.

After the harvesting of the cell tissue, stem cells are stored in a stem cell bank. These stem cell banks are under the regulation of the FDA. This means they’re stored in safe conditions to ensure only the highest quality stem cells are used for treatment.

The FDA has a strict protocol for assuring the best quality stem cells are used in treatments. This protocol includes requirements for donor screening and donor testing in order to prevent the spread of conditions or diseases. The regulations surrounding stem cells continue to change as research advances, but you can rest assured all the stem cells used in regenerative treatments are safe.

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