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Glucosamine vs. Stem Cells—Your Questions Answered

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With age comes wisdom, but sometimes it’s earned in those moments of isolation when you feel like your body is beginning to fail. The anxiety brought on by chronic knee pain that prevents you from traveling or even being in public places, or the fear of falling or needing help can be too much—they can put you on an island.

Nothing seems to help your knee pain. Weight gain, depression, and sleepless and painful nights begin to replace neighborhood walks, visits with the family, and intimacy. Your spouse is more of a caretaker than a lover when the knee gets bad.

Fortunately, there is a powerful combination of treatments that can help get you back out there. Stem cell therapy along with glucosamine can have you walking your dog again, laughing with your family and reconnecting with your longtime lover. Below, you’ll find the answers to the questions that led you here.

What Is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound that helps keep your cartilage healthy. Cartilage is the rubber-like cushion tissue in your joints that prevents bones from rubbing together. Unfortunately, the amount of naturally occurring glucosamine begins to decline with age, putting your cartilage in peril. This can lead to joint breakdown and chronic pain in joints like the knee.

How Does Glucosamine Supplementation Work?

We always recommend getting your nutrition from food. Unfortunately, there are no natural food sources that will replenish glucosamine levels. A glucosamine sulfate supplement is taken orally to help restore healthier levels of the compound. It is recommended to take 500 milligrams three times per day.

Is Glucosamine Safe?

Glucosamine sulfate is safe and has only been shown to have mild side effects with high doses. These include upset stomach, drowsiness, headache and heartburn.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are your body’s raw building materials. Under the right conditions, a stem cell can divide into two cells, called “daughter cells,” which may either regenerate more stem cells or morph into specialized cells that your body can use. Stem cells can turn into blood cells, heart muscle, brain cells, bone cells and more. Essentially, stem cells transform into the cells your body needs.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee Work?

Stem cells are taken from an umbilical cord donated by a healthy mother after she has given birth. The mother can save the cord for her own baby, but if she doesn’t, she can donate the stem cells just like others may donate an organ. The stem cells are then given the right environment to help them thrive in the lab before being injected into the knee joint. In one study, stem cell therapy was seen to regenerate cartilage.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective?

Knees have been the most studied part of the body with respect to stem cell therapy. One Harvard study, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, injected stem cells into one knee and a placebo of saline into the patient’s other knee. The stem cells relieved symptoms of arthritis in both knees of each patient. Additional science-based research showing positive results is published every year.

How Do Glucosamine and Stem Cell Therapy Work Together?

Stems cells have shown the ability to regenerate cartilage while glucosamine helps to keep that cartilage healthy. Click here to watch a free online web class for this promising approach.


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