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Life-Altering Meniscus Tear From Ski Accident is Cured with the Power of Stem Cell Therapy, the Future of Chiropractic Recovery

Were you once a daredevil on the slopes? Were you a marathon runner? Are you sacrificing the activities that used to be part of your daily routine because of an injury? If you’re an athlete or just love being outdoors, it’s hard to cope with the fact that after an injury we can’t enjoy our hobbies like we used to. Our hearts are still drawn to these activities, but our bodies aren’t physically capable. Will our hearts continue to break because our bodies are broken?

Avid Skiier Puts Slopes on Hold When Doctors Suggest Knee Replacement

Stem cell patient, Suzanne, was an avid skier, runner, and hiker before she had a meniscus tear. She loved skiing, but her favorite activity was ended when she fell and tore her meniscus. After her injury, she continued to run, hike, and ski but not nearly as intensive as she used to. Unfortunately, her tear kept getting worse and doctors suggested a knee replacement. She knew she would need months of rehabilitation if she decided to undergo surgery. Suzanne didn’t want to sacrifice more time away from active life because of rehabilitation. If she underwent knee replacement, it would cost her years of rehabilitation to get back to the lifestyle she knew and loved.

Suzanne started to research other treatments and found stem cell therapy. She had nothing to lose and booked her stem cell therapy appointment. Within hours of receiving her shot, she was already feeling relief in her knee.

Stem Cell Therapy Heals Meniscus Tear

Ten weeks after receiving her stem cell shot Suzanne is hiking again like she used to. She is so happy she didn’t result in knee surgery. She is hiking every day without knee pain and can’t wait for more mountains to climb! Now that she’s able to hike mountains without knee pain, she can’t wait to get back to the slopes and ski like she used to.

Suzanne isn’t the only athlete who’s trying to get back to an active lifestyle after an injury. When you’re an athlete staying active is an important part of maintaining happiness. Stem cell therapy is helping athletes suffering from various injuries get back to the activities they love doing. Injuries shouldn’t control our life or happiness. Suzanne never thought she would be able to shred the slopes again, but stem cell therapy is relieving her pain one day at a time and now the slopes are calling her name.

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