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Regenerative Health Centers of Florida

Regenerative Health Centers of Florida
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Regenerative Health Centers of Florida
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At Regenerative Health Centers of Florida, it’s all about your success. We understand how frustrating it can be to live with daily pain. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or you have a chronic condition, you don’t have to live this way. Regenerative treatment allows your body to health naturally. That means you don’t have to try harsh procedures or risky medication.


At Regenerative Health Centers of Florida, it’s all about your success. We understand how frustrating it can be to live with daily pain. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or you have a chronic condition, you don’t have to live this way. Regenerative treatment allows your body to health naturally. That means you don’t have to try harsh procedures or risky medication.

Regenerative Health Centers of Florida is leading the way in stem cell technology. We’ve seen firsthand just how powerful stem cell technology can be in patients lives. We believe in educating patients in the latest ways to heal their body without risks and side effects. Stem cell technology isn’t the future, it’s the technology of today.

Margaret Ponchelle (hip pain)

“Do I recommend this to others? You bet.”
In this case story, one of Regenerative Health Center’s patients, Margaret, shares her amazing experience with stem cell therapy. For ten years, she couldn’t even put her socks on without feeling pain in her back. Finally, after stem cell therapy she could cross her leg over her knee and slip on her socks without any pain. She couldn’t even believe this was real life. It’s only been thirty days since her stem cell injection, but she’s loving her new mobility. Now, she can do more activities that she loves without being enslaved by pain.

Patricia (shoulder pain)

Patricia, from Hudson, was experiencing shoulder and wrist pain. Her pain was so severe she would wake up crying in the middle of the night. Her heart was too weak for surgery and she was restricted to certain prescribed medications. After stem cell therapy, she’s no longer waking up in the middle of the night with tears. Instead, she’s waking up happy, rested, and ready to take on the day because stem cell therapy has changed her life. Patricia is now all smiles in the morning thanks to her transformation from stem cells.

Teri Albright (hip pain)

In this dynamic patient story, Teri was suffering from two deteriorating hips. She was attending regular checkups with her doctor to see if her pain would get better. Unfortunately, her pain kept getting worse. She didn’t want to go through an operation and frankly, her doctors didn’t know how to help her pain without surgery. She couldn’t keep living life in pain. Shortly after one of her checkups, she and her daughter found Regenerative Health Centers of Florida and went to a stem cell seminar. They were both impressed with stem cell therapy and had high hopes for it to help Teri’s constant pain. After Teri’s stem cell injection her relief was beyond belief. She was thriving after stem cell therapy that she even convinced her husband and son to get stem cells so they too can rid themselves from constant pain!

Katherine Loller (knee pain)

Since 1992, Katherine Loller was tortured with knee pain. She received stem cells seven weeks ago and is already 90% better. She says it’s amazing the amount of pain she’s NOT in. Katherine almost forgot what it feels like to live life without pain. Stem cells have replaced her pain with energy and she’s feeling brand new. Katherine was so excited about her relief she recommended stem cells to her husband for his shoulder. Her husband is playing golf again and working on his hole-in-one because of stem cells. Together they’re taking on the world with their new mobility!

Melissa Gascot (knee pain)

Melissa had excruciating knee pain with only 8% cartilage in her knee. She was diagnosed with a torn meniscus and torn MCL. She needed to have an active life again, but her pain was leaving her broken. It’s been two months since she had stem cell therapy and it’s the best decision she’s made. Melissa is no longer restricted from daily activities. Stem cells have freed her from knee pain and she couldn’t be more thankful. Now, she’s recommending stem cell therapy to all her friends who are experiencing chronic pain like she was.

Roy Benitez (knee pain)

Roy was another patient with a crippling knee problem. His knee pain was limiting him from enjoying life. Regenerative Health Centers of Florida recommended stem cell therapy to help his pain. Ever since his injection, Roy has been enjoying life like a kid again. Stem cell therapy has transformed Roy into being a happier, healthier, and more active person. Stem cells have given Roy a new perspective on life because he’s no longer living a miserable life of pain.

Grace (MS/Degenerative Discs)

“I was taking four opiods a day. I’m finally off them because of stem cell therapy. I can finally play with my grandson.”
Grace lost her freedom to move without pain when she was diagnosed with MS/degenerative bone and disc disease. To avoid pain, she was either trapped in bed 24/7 or forced to use a walker. She could only get up to use the bathroom because of her excruciating pain. She was diagnosed with four opiods a day. At 49 years old, she decided she couldn’t live a life revolved around her pain anymore. She is now 57 years old and going dancing with her husband till 12:30 a.m.! Even with the medication, she was taking, her pain level was still at a seven. Stem cells have reduced her pain to a two!

Mary Jane (knee and hip pain)

Mary Jane wanted to avoid having replacement parts for knee and hip. She already had two knee surgeries. However, even after her surgeries, her doctor said if she injured her knee again there was no choice but to replace it. Marjane received stem cell therapy and after seven weeks, her knee and hip pain have skyrocketed out the door. She never has to result in another surgery or replacement again because of stem cells.

Frank (back pain)

“I’m feeling 100% better and I would highly recommend it to anybody because it does work.”
Frank needed a solution for his back pain. He had tried rehab, two operations, and was diagnosed a specialized stimulator for his pain. After he received stem cell therapy, he shut the pain stimulator off completely! He knew that the stimulator wasn’t helping his pain like the stem cells were. Frank thinks everyone should try to stem cell therapy if they’ve lost hope for their pain. Stem cells restore your hope and can relieve pain.

John (knee pain)

John was experiencing pain in his right knee. He researched numerous therapies, but needed a treatment that was could cure his pain for a lifetime. He wanted his pain gone for good. He was debating a cortisone shot, until he found stem cell therapy. Now, he is so happy he received a stem cell injection and didn’t waste his time with the cortisone shot. He knows stem cells were the right choice to get rid of his pain for good!

Heather (knee pain)

Heather was in so much pain in her left knee that she needed surgery. Unfortunately, before she could go into surgery she needed to lose 60 lbs. She was tortured by her pain and the thought of waiting till after she lost the weight was unfathomable. It’s difficult to lose weight when you’re not in pain, but Heather couldn’t even move freely without pain. She didn’t know what to do. She could barely walk outside without needing to rest because of the pain. After her first stem cell injection, her body has already improved! She is on the road to a lifetime of happiness and mobility.–>

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1831 N Belcher Road Suite C-1
Clearwater, Florida

Fort Myers:
7051 Cypress Terrace #106
Fort Myers, Florida

13910 Fivay Rd. Suite 1
Hudson, Florida

Sun City Center:
139 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 204
Sun City center, Florida

5101 N. Habana Ave. Suite B
Tampa, Florida
ZIP Code:

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