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Regenerative Medicine Northwest

Regenerative Medicine Northwest
Business Name: Regenerative Medicine Northwest
Short Business Description: Dr. Braden C. Andersen is a Pacific Northwest native. Dr. Andersen is a Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). He holds a Dual Doctorate and Dual Board Certifications in both Family Practice and Acute Care (AG)

Dr. Braden C. Andersen is a Pacific Northwest native. Dr. Andersen is a Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). He holds a Dual Doctorate and Dual Board Certifications in both Family Practice and Acute Care (AG). Additionally, he has a background in Hospital Administration and has been published in local magazines, newspapers, and online periodicals. Dr. Andersen received numerous awards relating to the satisfaction of patients under his care and/or departmental leadership in the past and continues to deliver this patient-centered care. His experience actively extends into Emergency Medicine and Family Practice offering our patients expertise in both acute and chronic condition management. Outside RMNW, the ER, and Family Practice – Dr. Andersen is a nonprofit leader in the Bellevue area and a recovering Rock Climbing addict.


Reid Nelson (back injury)

Reid’s life was always compromised because of his back pain. When he retired, his back started getting worse where he couldn’t drive without experiencing severe pain. He tried wearing a back brace, but nothing seemed to help. His medical doctor thought it would be best to prescribe him oxycodone.
Reid was already living on Ibuprofen and didn’t want to risk the negative side effects of a hard narcotic. He was desperate for relief and began losing hope in treatment. His active lifestyle kept inching farther away from him because of his pain until he found stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy at Regenerative Medicine Northwest transformed Reid’s pain. His back is even better than it was before his injury!

Suzanne Behla (knee injury)

Stem cell patient, Suzanne was an avid skier, runner, and hiker before she had a meniscus tear in her knee. Unfortunately, Suzanne was looking at a knee replacement because her quality of life kept decreasing. She knew she would have to go through months of rehab after a knee replacement and didn’t want to stop her active lifestyle.
Suzanne decided stem cell therapy was better than a risky surgery that would cost her years of rehabilitation. She had nothing to lose! Within hours of receiving her injection, she was already feeling relief in her knee.
After 10 weeks from receiving her stem cell injection, Suzanne is hiking as she used to without taking breaks! She is so happy she didn’t result in a knee surgery. She is hiking every day without knee pain and can’t wait for more mountains to climb!

Crystal Reeves (arthritis, back & ankle pain)

Crystal Reeves was an athlete while in school until she experienced medical complications. She had two severe ankle injuries, bulging discs in her lower back, and arthritis. When her specialist recommended injections for her back pain, she knew there had to be a better way. She was reluctant to give up her adventurous side by resigning herself to a lifetime of medications and ineffective treatment. She found her solution in stem cell regenerative therapy. Within days of her regenerative treatment, she felt a world of a difference.

Charlotte Newport (knee pain)

Charlotte was suffering from bone on bone in both knees. She drove a sports car and couldn’t use the clutch because of her pain. Unfortunately, her condition worsened where she was barely able to walk. She decided against surgery and received stem cell therapy. She wanted to live a happy and healthy life again. Three days after getting her stem cell injection she was able to bend her knee and squat without pain. She got rid of her cane and says stem cell therapy isn’t a lot of money when it comes to the quality of your life. Charlotte is now living her life to the fullest. What about you? Are you suffering from everyday pain that’s constricting you from a quality life? Contact our office today in Bellevue, Washington to learn more about stem cell therapy.

Linda Grinde (broken ribs/asthma attacks)

Linda was a business owner and a school bus driver. She fell 15 ft and broke 9 ribs in half which magnified smells for her. She also started having asthma attacks which were unbearable because of her broken bones. After her attacks, she was scared to go anywhere without a protective mask to shield smells and the risk of another asthma attack.

Although Linda was experiencing brutal pain because of the asthma attacks she was also having pain in her hip. After her stem cell injection, she didn’t have to worry about smells anymore or her hip! Linda couldn’t be happier.

Now, Linda can go to the grocery store without a mask and without bringing emergency medication in case she unexpectedly has an asthma attack. Linda is finally feeling normal again because of stem cell therapy. Do you think stem cell therapy could be right for you?

Marc Montagnino (shoulder pain)

“You can’t enjoy life because you’re in constant pain”
Marc is a professional drummer whose shoulder muscles started severely hurting him when he played. He loved drumming so much he would fight through the pain until his fingers went numb.

Marc tried steroid injections and prescribed medications, however, nothing helped him until he heard about stem cell therapy. After he got his first stem cell injection, the numbness in his fingers started to go away.

Marc dreaded playing certain songs because of the extra pain it left on his shoulders. He played through the pain but after his adrenaline wore out, the pain kicked in. After stem cell therapy, Marc can now make it through the whole show without pain and jam like he used to. Keep rocking, Marc!

Business Phone Number: 1-855-438-7836
Business Address: 1260 116th Ave. NE. #210
Bellevue, Washington 98004

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