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This Peppy Grandma Reveals Her Secret to Chronic Pain Relief

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Do you have pain in your life that prevents you from doing simple everyday things you used to do without even realizing what a blessing they were? If so, you’re not alone.

Meet Margaret Paunchell, a peppy, energetic grandma and a client of ours. Margaret had chronic pain in her right hip that was preventing her from doing something as simple as pulling on her own socks! She couldn’t lift her leg up onto the other knee, and had to bend down to the floor, or even get help. With difficulty putting on her footwear, imagine how difficult it must have been for her to do other daily tasks, like grocery shopping, or playing with the grandkids.

Margaret Saw Results in Three Days

After attending one of our seminars and signing up for a free consultation, Margaret had a stem cell injection in her hip. Three days later, she experimentally tried lifting her leg onto her other knee—something she hadn’t done in eight years!—and to her surprise, she lifted it not only with no problem, but with no pain. Remarkable! You can hear her story in her own words here.

If you live with chronic pain, the most important thing quickly becomes relieving that pain. You’ll do just about anything to avoid it, including over-the-counter or even prescription pain meds, or worse still, simply avoiding living life! It can lead to weight gain, which can exacerbate the pain even more. It can prevent exercise, daily life chores and tasks, heck, it can even lead to a loss of intimacy with your partner or spouse!

There’s a Better Way

Traditional methods of pain relief only cover up the problem. While the pain is dulled, you’re actually causing more damage, which results in more pain in a vicious cycle until no amount of pain meds can possibly be enough! Even more holistic methods like chiropractic care can provide temporary relief at best, and once a joint is bone-on-bone, there’s little that an adjustment can do.

Stem cell therapy is the cutting edge of medical science. Properly prepared stem cells injected into the site of a wound or an arthritic joint can reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration, allowing the joint to heal. The pain goes away as a natural byproduct of that healing, allowing you to live your life again without pain.

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