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Chronic pain can make you a prisoner in your own home. Golf, gardening, and even cooking can become too painful to bear and, worse yet, your own spouse becomes more of a caregiver than a lover. It can feel like your relationship, which you’ve built over a lifetime, is drifting away, and you’re too exhausted from the pain to do anything about it.

It’s those little things that you miss. Being led to your pew at church, holding hands while walking the dog, and getting a little kiss while cooking dinner. But the good news is that you don’t have to live the rest of your life in pain. You can take your spouse’s hand to go travel the world, and you’ll be connected intimately once again, too.

It can sound too good to be true, but regenerative medicine can help your body heal the natural way. There’s no recovery time, no surgery, and it’s non-invasive. Pain relief can be felt in 24 to 48 hours.

Defining Two Kinds of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain lasts for six months or more, and there are two main types of pain the human body experiences. The first is called nociceptive pain. This kind of pain is caused by physical damage from things like a car accident.

You can also feel this kind of pain when you are sore from a dental procedure or your joints are damaged by arthritis. Chronic nociceptive pain happens when your body just doesn’t heal right from physical damage.

The other kind of pain is a little more difficult to treat. Neuropathic pain is those electric zings you feel in your nerves. It’s the kind of pain that zaps you when you knock your funny bone. Since it lives in your nerves, it’s really difficult to manage. Unfortunately, many turn to opioids to treat this kind of pain.

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain

In the embryo, the immune and neurological systems are closely related, which allows young humans to regenerate damaged tissue rapidly. Unfortunately, the nervous system becomes more complex with age, and, at the same time, the human body becomes less resilient. Essentially, your body has a harder time healing itself with age.

Umbilical stem cells, those rapidly regenerating youthful building blocks, are injected into the site of the pain. They reproduce by splitting into “daughter cells,” which either regenerate more stem cells or morph into the cells that your damaged body needs. They are the building blocks of your body and help you to heal naturally.

Treating Both Types of Pain Effectively

Research has proven that both nociceptive and neuropathic pain can be treated effectively with stem cells, and in-office treatment takes just a few minutes. There’s no recovery time. You’ll leave the office and start feeling relief within a day or two. And continued treatment can give you your life back, including helping you reconnect with your partner intimately.

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