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What Are The Side Effects Of Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy has only recently started to be recognized by the general public, and that means a lot of patients have unanswered questions about the regenerative treatment process. Stem cell therapy is an easy, risk-free procedure that is much simpler than it sounds.

The actual procedure only takes a few minutes. It’s as simple as a small injection to the affected area and then driving home. Most patients don’t report feeling a noticeable difference after the injection for four to six weeks. This is because the stem cells are busy regenerating in the problem area, and it takes time for cells to multiply enough to feel pain relief. Once this growth has occurred, the pain-relief will be permanent.

One of the main draws of stem cell therapy is the lack of side effects. Unlike other complicated producers and medications, stem cells carry no adverse side effects for patients. Because these cells are healthy and unspecialized, your body should have no negative reactions to the injection. There is no pain associated with the injection itself, and it’s usually compared to a cortisone shot.

You are free to drive yourself home after treatment because it’s so risk-free! The worst-case scenario after stem cell therapy is simply not feeling a difference. While most patients only need one injection to feel relief, in some cases you might need a second injection. There are no reported negative effects of stem cell therapy. Your healthcare provider will work with you following your treatment to ensure you notice the right changes in your condition and pain levels.

Dr. Scot Gray is the leading stem cell expert behind Marion Integrated Health Center in Marion, Ohio. He’s spoken on popular news networks and around the country about his powerful pain relief treatments. Click here to learn more about Dr. Gray and his stem cell practice.

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